Isha1Bestboy 14K

He calls his solo debut album “WWLLLAA” meaning there it is,

there you are! IshaBestboy 14K is a singer/songwriter living in

Florida, with parents originally from West Africa.

His music is instinctive and direct: this talented artist loves the beat

of the drums, but more importantly, he loves to create dope

spontaneous bars and eventually let them all end up in amazing

songs with lots of character.

His music embodies all the perks of genres as diverse as hip-hop,

soul, funk and R&B, showcasing a massive understanding of

rhythm and a truly distinctive personal touch that makes for a

unique twist. His songs also have a very special meaning, often

with lyrics that deal with thought-provoking themes. This way, he

doesn’t just entertain the people in the audience, but also educate


With a revolutionary spirit, IshaBestboy 14K also created his own

movement, “’WWLLLAA’”. The meaning of the acronym is “Whole

World Live Love Laugh Again and Again” , and the movement is

gaining considerable momentum and popularity!